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Monday, May 9, 2011

Vettel, Webber Praise Red Bull for KERS Fix

Red Bull can now tackle the rest of the season in Formula 1 without worrying whether their Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) will be working or not.

Following the 3-week break in the series,a time during which the mechanics at Milton Keynes have worked hard to resolve the KERS glitches of the Red Bull-developed unit, the technology worked almost trouble-less in Turkey.

While Sebastian Vettel started perfectly from pole position and went on to win another comfortable race this season, Mark Webber experienced only minor problems with his KERS late in the race. That didn't keep him from easily overtaking Ferrari's Fernando Alonso though, and scoring his second consecutive podium finish this year.

“I think big compliments for the team,” said Vettel after the race, as the German did not encounter any problem whatsoever with the KERS technology throughout the weekend in Istanbul.

“For us, the drivers, maybe three weeks is some time off, but for the team, they are working hard. (In Turkey) I had no problems from start to finish,” he added.

“KERS was very good today,” Webber echoed his teammate's comments. “The guys have done a great job.”

Red Bull had struggled with KERS use throughout the first 3 races of the new season, following some problems encountered with the unit in Australia. In fact, the Austrian outfit didn't even use KERS at Melbourne, while in Malaysia and Shanghai, the unit suffered slight reliability problems during the race.

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