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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

0-60mph in 1.6 seconds - electric-powered VW Beetle drag racer [video]

Brothers Sam and Oliver Young made it into electric drag racing history at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK with their 725 kg (1600lb) electric VW bug, "Black Current."

Sam piloted Black Current to a 9.82 @ 132.22 mph run followed by a 9.51 time at 135.65 mph. This makes the speedy electric bug the "World's First Street-Bodied Electric Car" to break into the 9's. A significant historic event for EVs and electric drag racing history.

The current running through Black Current;'s DC motors is provided by FlightPower Lithium Polymer EVO Ultra Nano batteries which have thicker innerconnects then regular RC batteries to handle the extra current.!

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