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Monday, July 18, 2011

Audi to make all Chinese built models mild hybrids [video]

Audi will equip all of its Chinese made models with mild hybrid technology next year according to an interview with Mr Dominique Boesch of the GM of FAW-VW’s Audi sales unit.

The mild hybrid technology can reduce energy consumption by 3-5% said Mr Boesch. They have not made the final decision on pricing.

They are also considering applying mild hybrid technology to the imported Audi models. Mr Boesch also said that they will launch Audi Q5 coming with full hybrid technology in the near future, and then launch all-electric vehicles.

Audi has started to develop new energy vehicles since 1989. It’s also the first automaker to launch hybrid technologies, including mild hybrid and full hybrid. By 2009, Audi had launched five all-electric vehicles.

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