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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mexico City gets Nissan Leaf electric taxis [video]

A fleet of electric taxi cabs cruises into Mexico City. The cars are the first wave of a green initiative unveiled by the capital this week, in hopes of easing pollution in the city of 20 million.

The Nissan Leaf taxis run entirely on electric engines and can travel up to 160 kilometers per charge. Mexico Nissan Presdient, Jesus Munoz. Mexico Nissan President Jesus Munoz saying "We have delivered the first three vehicles of this program which consists of 100 vehicles as part of a pilot program. It will have a later phase where we'll deliver 500 units so that they can be used as taxis in the middle of Mexico City.

Nissan has provided equipment for a charging station in the city center, where solar energy can charge batteries in 30 minutes. The company estimates that 100 of the eco-friendly taxis will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by five tonnes per day.

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