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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Electric vehicles to account for 60% of Ireland’s car fleet by 2050

Ireland's Sustainable Energy Authority (SEAI) has unveiled sustainable energy roadmaps – which focus on wind power, smart grids and electric vehicles.

“The Roadmaps are a further important mapping of the long-term opportunities in energy and the road to a decarbonised energy system for Ireland,” said Professor J. Owen Lewis, Chief Executive of SEAI. “They show a great many benefits, including reduced energy imports leading to increased security of supply, increased use of renewables leading to lower CO2 emissions and significant employment and economic opportunities.”

The roadmaps concluded the goal of deploying 1.8 million electric vehicles accounting for 60 percent of Ireland’s passenger vehicle fleet by 2050.

With an abundance of accessible wind and ocean energy and distances from the capital city to key neighbouring cities ranging from 170km to 260km, Ireland is well suited to become an early adopter of electric vehicle technology. This roadmap offers a vision of how the Irish market for electric vehicles could develop up to the year 2050 and models a number of EV deployment scenarios. The impact of EVs on energy efficiency, fossil fuel imports and CO2 emissions are presented. Additional analysis results considering the impact of EVs on electricity demand and on critical peak load periods are shown.

EV Roadmap

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