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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tesla says Model S can be parked for a year without “bricking”

A single blogger is spreading a rumor about electric vehicles becoming inoperable. “Bricking” is an irrational fear based on limited information and a misunderstanding of Tesla’s battery system. Here is why the rumor is unfounded:

Even in cases of neglect, the earliest Roadsters will take over two months to discharge if parked at a 50 percent charge without being plugged in. A Model S battery parked with 50 percent charge would approach full discharge only after about 12 months.

Model S batteries also have the ability to protect themselves as they approach very low charge levels by going into a “deep sleep” mode that lowers the loss even further. A Model S will not allow its battery to fall below about 5 percent charge.

At that point the car can still sit for many months. Of course you can drive a Model S to 0 percent charge, but even in that circumstance, if you plug it in within 30 days, the battery will recover normally.

Tesla say they will continually advanced their technology with each new model released. Model S and Model X will have batteries that can sit unplugged for over a year when parked with only a 50 percent charge. And when that year is up, all you need to do is plug it in.

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