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Friday, March 30, 2012

Renault Zoe EV to be launched in Australia

Renault says the Zoe electric car will soon launch in Australia.

A heavily camouflaged Zoe has been under going testing in Melbourne and Perth accompanied by a group of Renault Z.E. technicians. “Renault is deeply committed to a success of electric vehicles and to a Australian market. Globally, Renault is a personality in a growth and mass-market hurl out of affordable, permitted electric vehicles. The aim of contrast a new ZOE in Australia is to safeguard that we are responding to a specific final of a Australian marketplace – from daily operation to cooling systems for a climate,” says Justin Hocevar, Managing Director of Renault Australia. There is no word yet on release dates or potential prices.

The Renault Zoe has a driving range of 210 km, according to the NEDC cycle, but the car manufacturer says that the real world range in just 100 km in cold conditions and 150 km in mild weather. The Zoe is the first EV which can be charged at any power level up to 43kW in between 30 minutes and 9 hours, with the Chameleon charger, but with the fast-charge stations, the model can be charged in about one hour at 22kW.

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