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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RMIT goes electric at Australian Grand Prix

RMIT University's electric-powered Formula SAE racer powered down the Albert Park track at 12.15pm today, in a showcase of green racing.
The racer won the electric event at the Society of Australasia FSAE Championship held in Werribee late last year, lapping faster than many internal combustion cars.
The electric-powered, sustainable, open-wheeler race car is designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and raced by a team of RMIT students.
The RMIT Electric Racing team includes more than 30 students from engineering programs in aerospace, automotive, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing.
RMIT R11-E - The Basics
Motors: Two Vetrix Brushless DC Electric Motors
Power: 14kW Continuous Power Motors, 42kW Peak Power (90% Efficiency)
Torque: 500Nm of Torque @ 300 amps
Curb Weight: 238kg
0-100km/h: 3.9 seconds
Top Speed: 120km/h
Range: 30km racing, 50km economy
Charge Time: 4 hours from flat
Operating Range: 170V to 125V
Chassis: Carbon Fibre Monocoque Safety Cell (16kg), Rear Chrome-Moly Space Frame
Batteries: 44 Lithium polymer (LiPo) cells, split into two separate side-pod mounted perspex and carbon fibre boxes
Suspension: Light-weight anodized chrome-moly pull rods, Penske springs
Tyres/Brakes/Wheels: Hoosier Tyres (10x6 front, 10x7 rear), custom made RMIT aluminium wheels, all round outboard disc brakes, 4 pot Wilwood callipers.
Find out more: RMIT Electric Racing

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