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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SIM-Drive launch new SIM-WIL model with 351 km EV range

The SIM-WIL is the latest iteration of EV development for SIM-Drive, The new car has the exterior dimensions of a B-segment compact with the interior space of an E-segment sedan, offers 351 km (218 miles) of range, and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. SIM-Drive are looking to get the final production model on sale in 2014.

SIM-WIL provide a working test bed for the future production car. With their own design of in-wheel motors, as well as techniques to incorporate as many components as possible into the frame of the car itself. These technologies free up alot of interior space of the car for the passengers.

A direct-drive in-wheel motor system is the basic technology of SIM-Drive, the SIM-WIL achieved 351km range (JC08 mode) with a 35 kWh battery installed. In acceleration performance tests the car recorded 5.4 sec 0 to 100km. The WIL also Achieves a minimum turning radius of 5.4m while holding the long-wheelbase and uses a combination of steel space-frame body and the monocoque steel.

The SIM-WIL, like the SIM-LEI, uses outer rotor/direct drive-type in-wheel motors. But SIM-Drive drastically reduced torque ripple (vibration caused by unstable motor speed at the time of starting up motors), which has been a problem for the SIM-LEI, by improving the structure of the in-wheel motors.

The weight, power consumption (under the JC08 test mode) and maximum speed of the SIM-WIL are 1,580kg, 99.7Wh/km and 180km/h, respectively. It is equipped with Panasonic Corp's 18650 battery whose capacity is 35.1kWh. It takes three hours to charge the battery with a rapid charger supporting the "CHAdeMO" standard and 12 hours with a household power outlet (200V).

With this second generation prototype, the SIM-WIL, undergoing testing, SIM-Drive is now turning its attention to the infrastructure that needs to accompany the uptake of the vehicles themselves in order to make electric cars a viable option. In this regard it is joining with companies not traditionally associated with EV development, such as Sekisui House (home construction) and Mitsui Fudosan (real estate) to focus on three key areas of smart homes, smart grids and smart cities. This new phase is scheduled to be complete by the end of March 2013 with mass production planned for 2014.

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