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Friday, March 2, 2012

Toyota To Premier All-New Yaris Hybrid @ Geneva [VIDEO]

Thanks to the efficiency of its downsized full hybrid powertrain, the new Yaris Hybrid is set to start a revolution in the B-Segment. At only 79g/km, it delivers the lowest emissions for any car with a conventionally-fuelled combustion engine.

Full hybrid technology is unique in being able to achieve these results whilst delivering 100 DIN hp and without requiring the customer to compromise on comfort features such as air-conditioning and automatic transmission, which come as standard with Yaris Hybrid.

It also helps Yaris Hybrid deliver significant levels of zero-emissions operation. The powertrain is optimised to operate in the most efficient mode, eliminating the need for the petrol engine as often as possible.

Toyota’s own evaluations illustrate the potential. Taking data from a variety of journey types, it can be seen that the cumulative effect of the full hybrid powertrain leads to high proportions of zero-emissions operation. The sample data in appendix shows an average of 66% of the time and 58% of the distance in the case of 3 journeys undertaken.

Widely accessible pricing will ensure Yaris Hybrid starts the revolution. Pricing across European markets will be in line with, or below, competitor’s diesel-engined products, making full hybrid technology available to its largest audience yet.

Pre-sales activity will start in March, with cars appearing in showrooms from the end of May.

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