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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Close Look at the 2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Design [VIDEO]

The new Yaris Hybrid is Europe's first full hybrid supermini hatchback. Flagship of the Yaris range, it's a compelling proposition in the region's highest volume market segment and will open up the benefits of full hybrid technology to a wider customer base than ever before.

Yaris is Toyota's best-selling core model in Europe, with more than 2.5 million units sold since the first generation model was introduced in 1999, 368,000 of them in the UK. With its latest development it becomes the only car in the B-segment to offer the option of three types of powertrain: petrol, diesel and full hybrid.

The new model combines the ingenious packaging and urban agility of Yaris with the smooth, refined driving quality and efficiency of Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive to mark a major step forward in the company's European strategy for the introduction of full hybrids across its model range.

With high fuel efficiency, low environmental impact, strong acceleration, great manoeuvrability and EV capability, it is ideally suited for urban driving.

Toyota has comprehensively revised its full hybrid powertrain so that it can be installed in Yaris without diminishing the system's quality and performance, or reducing the size of the passenger accommodation and loadspace. The downsized hybrid system combines a substantially re-engineered 1.5-litre petrol engine with a lighter, more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack. It offers a best-in-class balance of performance, fuel economy and CO2 emissions: official combined cycle fuel consumption is 80.7mpg (76.3 for T Spirit); CO2 output is a segment-best 79g/km (85g/km for the T Spirit, still well below the UK's 100g/km VED threshold); and the ability to operate in all-electric EV mode allows for frequent running with zero NOx, particulate or CO2 tailpipe emissions.

These qualities further strengthen Yaris as an ideal choice for urban motoring, particularly as fuel prices continue to nudge record high levels. Toyota's internal test data show that Yaris Hybrid can cover a high proportion of urban journey times and distances with its petrol engine switched off, which means more money saved at the pumps.

Toyota does not consider Yaris Hybrid to be a niche model, expecting it to claim 20 per cent of annual European Yaris sales. It represents a strong alternative for urban motorists who want a new driving and ownership experience.

Yaris Hybrid combines the tangible benefits of advanced technology, low emissions and low cost of ownership with particularly relaxed and quiet driving style. Its Hybrid Synergy Drive proves that driving pleasure does not have to be sacrificed for environmental responsibility and low running costs. At the same time, it shares the same high residual values as Toyota's other hybrid models.

Toyota was the first manufacturer to produce a volume hybrid model in Europe, with Auris Hybrid, built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK. The arrival of Yaris Hybrid, manufactured by Toyota Motor Manufacturing France, further extends its industry lead in Europe and reinforces the company's commitment to local, advanced technology manufacturing in the region.

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