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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inside Tesla! Model S Paint Centre [VIDEO]

This week we head to the Paint Centre.


The Tesla Model S Paint Center uses some of the highest quality processes available to the automotive industry today. First, a Body-in-White is submerged into our pre-treatment bath where the aluminum gets prepared for its first treatment layer.

The Model S is then dipped into a 75,000 gallon tank of advanced electro-coating solution to enhance the appearance of subsequent paint layers. After this e-coat dip, the car goes through a 350° F oven to ensure a “baked on” protection against corrosion. Highly-skilled craftsmen then apply sealer to ensure it is watertight and quiet.

Next, the car gets its primer coat, followed by a base coat from one of our 10 vibrant color choices. Lastly we apply a clear coat application to make the car shine! These “coats” are all applied by the latest robotic paint applicators that not only spray, but also open the doors, hood and liftgate to cover every surface of the car. The robots move fast, so watch carefully in the video to see all these manoeuvre's.

Next week we wrap up our Model S video series with a look at how Model S comes together on the Final Assembly Line.

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