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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SEAT delivers three electric cars to Barcelona

SEAT have delivered three electric cars to Barcelona City Hall – two Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive plug-in hybrids, and one Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, an all-electric zero-emissions car.

The Altea XL Electric is SEAT’s first all-electric car. It has a range of 135 kilometers (84 miles), a power output of 115 hp (85kW), an engine torque of 270 N·m (199 lb-ft) and a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph). The battery pack is located under the rear seats and the trunk, meaning no reduction in passenger compartment space, and it carries photovoltaic panels on the roof to cut energy requirements for the vehicle’s air-conditioning.

The Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive allows for all-electric or hybrid driving. It has a range of 52 kilometers (32 miles) in electric mode, with a top speed of 120 km/h. In mixed mode (electric and combustion) consumption is 1.7 liters/100 km (138 mpg US), emissions are under 39 g/km, and top speed is 170 km/h.

Barcelona City Hall will be testing these vehicles in its municipal car fleet for an initial six-month trial period, during which SEAT will gather information and assess performance prior to mass production of electric vehicles. With the hybrid and electric vehicles, SEAT is developing two different technologies, placing the company in an optimal position to respond to market demand.

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