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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Toyota testing one-seat EV on Singapore campus [VIDEO]

Toyota Tsusho Corp. has launched a project in Singapore to test a single-seat electric vehicle manufactured by a Toyota group company for Southeast Asia.

The Singapore subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho said Thursday it will conduct a joint study with the National University of Singapore and use its campus as a testing ground for the tiny vehicle made by Toyota Auto Body Co.

Toyota Tsusho has shipped 10 of the electric vehicles to Singapore for the study.

The vehicle, known as COMS, is categorized as a motorcycle in Japan and is already being used on public roads. It has not been approved for use on Singapore streets, so its use will be confined to the university campus.

Designed for city driving, the vehicle can travel about 50 km on a single battery charge. The COMS list price starts at ¥668,000 USD$8,500)for a basic model.

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