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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Close-Up look at the 4WD DUT12 Formula Student racer [VIDEO]

The DUT12 is the second electric car of the DUT Racing team. The DUT 12 has four-wheel-drive system introduced this year. This makes it possible to use the brake energy from all wheels to recharge the battery which results in an even higher efficiency.

In the DUT12 the batteries are no longer placed behind the driver, but on both sides alongside the driver for better handling. Also a new method is used to produce the monocoque, namely prepregs. This method ensures that the resin is properly distributed between the fibres which will save weight with respect to last year.


  • Weight: 148 [kg]
  • Length 2445 [mm]
  • Width: 1415 [mm]
  • Height: 1104 [mm]
  • Wheelbase: 1530 [mm]


  • Monocoque: Carbon Fibre Prepregs
  • Chopped rear bulkhead
  • Negative epoxy moulds, used for prepregs production process
  • Aluminium honeycomb crash nose


  • Battery Pack capacity: 4.2 kWh
  • Battery Voltage: 600 Volts
  • Battery Pack configuration: 144S2P
  • Cell Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Power: 99 kW nominal, 133 kW peak
  • Transmission Front: 1:7 Planetary gear system
  • Transmission Rear: 1:13 two-stage spur gear system


  • Type: Double unequal length A-Arm.
  • Pull rod actuated Öhlins TTX 25 FSAE
  • Tyres: Hoosier 18.0 x 6.0-10 LC0
  • Brakes: Full-floating steel rotors, adjustable brake-balance, AP4226 callipers


  • Electronic Control Unit: Self designed
  • Data acquisition: Self designed sensor nodes system
  • Battery: Lithium-polymer

    Source: DUT Racing

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