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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

French Electric Vehicle sales up 115% in 2012

Sales of electric vehicles in France reached 5,663 units for cars and 3,651 units for commercial vehicles in 2012, increasing 115% and 117%, respectively, against the 2011 results.

The PSA Peugeot Citroën Ion/C-Zero was in first place (2,744 units), followed by the Bolloré BlueCar (1,800), Nissan LEAF (524) and Renault Fluence (343).

France represents 35% of electric sales in Europe in 2012, ahead of Norway (15%) and Germany (13%), according to AVERE-France.

On the light commercial side, Renault Kangoo ZE (2,869 units) was the leader.

Petrol-Electric Hybrids posted 13,597 registrations, with the majority (76%) from Toyota (10,357 units). Diesel hybrids posted 7,700 units mainly due to Hybrid 4 models of PSA.

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