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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Drayson Racing Formula E Team Testing @ Rockingham [VIDEO]

The Lola-Drayson B12/69EV testing at Rockingham race circuit.

The Drayson has a 700V A123 pack with a capacity of around 60 kWh. The battery pack powers four axial flux Oxford YASA motors via inverters supplied by Rinehart. The motors, up to 850 peak horsepower (634 kW) powering the rear wheels, are mounted in a similar longitudinal location to where the ICE powerplant would normally be located. There is a single speed reduction gearbox/differential linking the drive from the electric motors to the driveshafts.

The weight of the car is approximately 1000 kg, slightly in excess of the regular 900 kg in LMP1 presently. The overall control system for the car will be supplied by Drayson Racing Technologies working in partnership with Cosworth who supplied the original system for the 2010 LMP1 car.

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