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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BMW to Launch Zinoro Branded All-Electric BMW X1 in China

BMW will launch a new Chinese brand called Zinoro in conjunction with its Chinese partner Brilliance Auto, specifically to develop and sell EVs.

The first vehicle to launch will likely be a crossover and may explain the mysterious spy photos of an electric X1 that we recently caught testing. Olaf Kastner, president and CEO of the joint venture said the first vehicle to enter production would be similar to an SUV.

Introducing Zinoro into China is part of a rush from automakers to build EVs specifically for the Chinese market. Others include the Denza electric car brand from Mercedes-Benz and partner BYD, and Venucia from Nissan and Dongfeng.

Zinoro will be clearly separated from BMW, with its own distribution channels, and battery sources. BMW’s i cars may also be sold in China, but they will be very different from anything badged as a Zinoro. ”They (Zinoro cars) may not be as dynamic as BMW cars, for example,” said Friedrich Eichiner, member of the management board at BMW.

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