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Saturday, May 18, 2013

2013 Mugen Shinden Ni Ready to Take on the IOM TT Zero

Team Mugen has finalized the design of their 2013 Shinden Ni electric bike which will race in the 2013 Zero TT at the Isle of Man Mountain Course, with TT star John McGuinness aboard.

The new bike is pretty much unchanged from the 2012 machine, as far as the bodywork is concerned: we do however see a more aggressive front fairing and revised tail section. Minor updates are also in place here and there, presumably for better aerodynamics.

It's underneath the sleek bodywork where all the goodness lies: the 2013 Shinden Ni is some 44 lbs (19.9 kg) lighter than the 2012 machine, and it seems like the weight saving came from the battery pack. Mugen has not released the battery capacity figures, and we can only tell you that the power pack put out 370V for the 120 HP motor.

The estimated torque reaches 220 Nm (162 ft-lbs) and this should make the 240 kg (530 lbs) machine accelerate really fast through the corners of the Mountain Course. The frame of the 2013 Mugen Shinden Ni is the same top-of-the-line carbon fiber twin-spar design we'd so like to see in more production bikes.

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