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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Mad Money host Jim Cramer Is Hearing About Tesla [VIDEO]

According to US investment guru Jim Cramer, a lot of the current interest in Tesla stock is coming from so-called mum-and-dad investors. “Twice this weekend I heard parents lament that they wished they had bought Tesla,” the Mad Money host told CNBC. “When I asked why, in each case the parents said because their kids knew cars, and because they care about the environment.”

An interesting part about Cramer’s observation is that in both cases the commentary came from parents, in turn suggesting “young people knew instinctively that Tesla and its electric cars weren't a fad – rather they saw Tesla is on the cusp of something big.”

Cramer says emerging consumer trends like this are sometimes more indicative of what’s going on in the market than specialist analyst reports. “Most analysts are in New York City,” Cramer said, stressing that they don’t see how quickly electric cars appear to be catching on in other parts of the country, like Silicon Valley.

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