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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Australian Challenger for Toyota's TMG EV P002 racer tested [VIDEO]

ELMOFO is an Australian electric motorsport engineering company based in Newcastle Australia. They have built an Electric Radical SR8 similar to Toyota's Nürburgring record holding TMG EV P002 racing later this month at Pikes Peak with Rod Millen behind the wheel.

Toyota have boosted power to 400 kW and 1200 Nm of torque for Pikes Peak, up from the 350 kW - 900 Nm used last year at the Nürburgring so the guys from Newcastle may be chasing a moving target.

  • AMR Dual Electric Motors (Inline Stack)
  • Rinehart Motion Systems Motor Controllers
  • Power figures 300kW+ (400hp) 600Nm
  • Motor revs to 10,000rpm and provides full 600Nm torque from 0 to 5000rpm
  • Combined motor current at full power is 1100Amps RMS (1550Amps Peak)
  • ELMOFO/AMR Liquid cooled Lithium battery modules designed and built for this vehicle
  • To be supported by a truck containing a solar powered fast-charging

    Source: ELMOFO

    First drive (car park) video.

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