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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Don't electric cars already have a Horn? [VIDEO]

CNET report on the EV industry non-story of the decade, laws that require electric cars to make artificial noise at low speed to supposedly avoid running over pedestrians who don't look before stepping onto a roadway.

During a recent week long test drive of a Holden Volt we noted that the Plug-In Hybrid not only had a horn like every other vehicle on the road but also an additional "pedestrian warning" button on the end of the left steering column stalk. Luckily the Volt didn't make a continuous noise at low speed as is being proposed by some legislatures. These proposals couldn't possibly have anything to do with vested interests wanting to make EVs so dorky that no-one would want to own one?

Much along the same lines of government mandated, over-dramatic, 100 db + reversing beepers on every industrial vehicle in the world (some so loud they can be heard from a kilometer away if the wind blows in the right direction), this looks like another example of the nanny state gone mad!

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