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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nissan Enhances Battery Warranty for Existing LEAF Owners

Nissan has announced today that it will be taking the positive step of retrospectively expanding the warranty of the over 10,000 European owners who purchased the original Nissan LEAF since its introduction. The newly expanded warranty provides coverage to owners against battery capacity loss below 9 bars during the existing warranty term.

With this expansion, Nissan warrants that the Lithium-ion battery will retain a capacity of at least 9 out of the 12 bars as displayed on the dashboard gauge for 5 years or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first. Full terms and conditions of the changes to the warranty will be communicated by letter to customers in the next month.

The enhancement to the existing warranty applies to the over 10,000 Nissan LEAF have been sold in Europe with 93% of customers stating that they are "Very" or "Completely" satisfied with the pioneering 100% electric family car.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Paul Willcox says Nissan is pleased to offer the expanded warranty to existing customers to reassure them of Nissan's confidence in the technology, commenting: "We are in a unique position of having over 10,000 customers in Europe and 62,000 globally using a 100% electric car everyday and over two years of feedback on their experiences. Our analysis of available data shows that our battery technology, which is developed and manufactured by Nissan with our partner NEC, is durable and reliable in real world use here in Europe."

He continued: "We are taking the reassuring step of offering our first Nissan LEAF customers the same peace of mind on the warranty as the customers who buy the new, European manufactured Nissan LEAF. We know how our battery is performing in customers cars in Europe and we are very happy with that performance. Nissan LEAF is a revolutionary product and we are taking this action to demonstrate the confidence we have in our technology."

One customer who will benefit from this warranty is Joakim Sveli who, after driving a Nissan LEAF on business in Norway, commented: "This new warranty is great news for existing customers who usually are not included in improvements like this. Although it is reassuring to have the improved warranty, I drive my Nissan LEAF everyday for work and I am yet to detect any difference in driving range after 18 months and almost 40,000 km use. I drive in all conditions, sometimes as much as 200 km in a day and in temperatures as low as minus 32 degrees. I am in contact with people who have recorded much greater mileages in a Nissan LEAF and they are having the same experience as me, quiet, comfortable, emission free motoring everyday."

The new European-made Nissan LEAF will go on sale from June 2013 across Europe and will also benefit from the battery state of health warranty enhancement.

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