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Friday, October 18, 2013

UPDATE: Bloomberg says BMW, Audi to Blitz Tesla With High-End Competition [VIDEO]

Bloomberg reporter Matt Miller tries to make a case that BMW and Audi are going to squeeze out Tesla at the top-end of the market, but the analysis is fairly poor.

Miller's argument starts by comparing BMW's two seater plug-in hybrid i8 sports car to Tesla's seven seater 100% battery electric Model S sedan? These cars aren't in the same market segment!

We're not even sure how Audi enters the competitive analysis. Sure Tesla are taking sales off Audi but what does Audi have to offer? Audi admitted defeat and canned the R8 e-tron saying they couldn't figure out how to make a high performance battery only car economically viable and they have not announced any plans for a high performance battery only 4 door sedan to go up against the Model S.

UPDATE: Recent news suggests perhaps Tesla's Model S will have some head on competition from Germany. Less than 5 days after the Bloomberg report was aired a BMW source leaked news that the firm has noted the success of the Model S and a similar spec i5 is 'already in the works'.

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