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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New 1/4 Mile EV Record at 9.12 Seconds @ 145 mph [VIDEO]

NEDRA President John Metric has taken his Miata, Assault and Battery to an all-time 1/4 mile record for an Electric door slammer at Royal Purple Raceway with a best time of 9.12 at 145 mph!

The EV record has been held by Black Current III since 2010 with a 9.51 sec @135 mph pass of Santa Pod.

The tube frame and tubbed 2002 Mazda Miata runs 2x 2000 amp Zilla 2K-EHV controllers feeding dual brushed DC NetGain 9-inch motors, a Lenco 2 speed and double GV overdrive.

The boot mounted battery pack contains 450x LiPo 100C RC car batteries wired 90S5P that are good for 775 peak battery HP @ 375v. For the record run the controllers were set to 170 volt & 1100 amps per motor.

  • 60ft 1.312
  • 330' 3.729
  • 660' 5.793 118.29mph
  • 1320' 9.161 144.23mph

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