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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kawasaki "J" EV Motorcycle Concept [VIDEO]

The Kawasaki J has three wheels. However it uses more than one mode, allowing it to transition to a sports bike, making the two front wheels mesh together. In that mode, the vehicle also lowers, closer to the ground.

The bike was recently unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Housing an all electric motor, when the rider is taking part in leisurely, slow cruises, or stop and go trips through the city, the two wheels remain separated and the handlebars raise offering the driver more comfort.

It's during the fast speed, highway type of rides, the tires comes together and the bars lower, allowing the rider to have optimal positioning and posture.

The basic idea behind the bike is for it to stretch out as speeds increase. The radical and mean looking machine has been generating some serious buzz since the premiere, however it is just a concept for now.

Kawasaki did not release any plans to put it into production.

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