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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Norwegian Electric Car Sales hit 12% market share in November

Electric car sales in Norway have set yet another record. According to OGV battery electric vehicles sales increased sharply with 1434 new EVs being sold in November giving them an 11.9% market share amongst passenger car sales. This is a 357% increase on the same month last year when EVs accounted for only 2.6% of the market.

After topped the list of new car registrations in Norway in September, the top selling electric car for November is the Tesla Model S with 527 sold, accounting for 4.4% market share on it's own and the second most popular car over-all just behind the VW Golf.

After leading the market for the first time last month, the second most popular EV is the Nissan Leaf with 512 sold and 4.2% market share.

In fact EVs are so in demand in Norway another 249 used EVs were imported in November bringing the total to 1683 electric cars sold.

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