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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Toyota Prius: Top-selling car in California Again!

The Toyota Prius isn’t just the best-selling hybrid in the US, it is the best-selling car in California according to the California New Car Dealers Association for the second year running.

YTD November 2013, the state received 54,063 new Toyota Prius registrations, not including fleet sales, commercial customers, the government and rental car companies. The Prius edged out the Honda Civic, which reported 50,580 new car registrations up to Q3 last year. The Prius was also the top selling car in California in 2012.

Toyota vehicles actually secured three of the top 5 spots in 2013:

  • Toyota Prius – 54,063
  • Honda Civic - 50,580
  • Honda Accord – 48,071
  • Toyota Camry – 43,855
  • Toyota Corolla – 40,941

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