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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mercedes to build all-electric S-Class Sedan

At the Geneva Motor Show, TopGear grabbed a few moments with the chief of Mercedes Benz large car division, Dr Uwe Ernstberger, who confirmed that while an electric S-Class isn't really a correct fit for now, "a complete electric car will be done in the future."

But, it sounds like Mercedes Benz are a bit behind on battery technology "We have to work on the capacities of the batteries to get a better package in the car," Dr Ernstberger said. "Because you do not want to lose all the comfort features of an S-Class for transporting a battery only.

"First of all we'll have the plug-in hybrid, where you can drive between 25km to 30km on electric power only. We want to use a battery to support electric driving in a closed city like London, and we use the combustion engine for driving outside the city."

So it looks like Mercedes will join BMW, who are considering a 5 series EV, in working on a large battery only luxury sedan to compete with the Tesla Model S while Audi go after Tesla's Model X with their own 600 km range battery only luxury Q8 e-tron SUV. There seems little doubt the German auto industry recognise a serious competitor when they see one!

Source: Top Gear

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