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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TDK Licenses WiTricity Patent Portfolio for Wireless Charging

The wireless charging space is on fire this week with first Hella and now TDK announcing that it has entered into a licensing agreement for wireless power transfer technology with U.S. based WiTricity Corporation (Watertown, MA). The aim of the alliance is to develop wireless power transfer systems for electric vehicles (EV) and other mobility applications, and to promote business.

Wireless power transfer technology can supply electricity without using cables. The technology TDK intends to implement is known as resonant magnetic coupling for wireless power transfer*. Because power can be transferred efficiently even though the power source device and power capture device are separated by many centimeters and through roadway materials such as concrete and asphalt, this technology is expected to find commercial application in EVs and other mobility areas requiring recharging.

TDK boasts ferrite and other proprietary magnetic materials. Leveraging its strengths in magnetic materials technologies and circuit technologies, in 2009 TDK developed wireless power transfer coil units for smartphones and other compact electronic equipment, which it is now manufacturing and selling.

Furthermore, since 2010, TDK has been developing wireless power transfer systems based on unique technologies that are envisaged mainly for EVs. In 2013, TDK created one of the world’s smallest and lightest prototype wireless power source and capture systems, and verified its ability to transfer the required power levels at high efficiency for charging electric vehicles.

Capitalizing on this licensing agreement with WiTricity, TDK plans to quickly commercialize wireless power transfer systems for charging EVs and other electric mobility applications.

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