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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Victory for Renault ZOE on the 2014 'Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN' [VIDEO]

The prestigious Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN saw Renault ZOE overcome horrendous weather conditions to celebrate its international competition debut with an emphatic outright win and victory on all four regularity tests.

  • 1st overall, Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN,
  • 1st, regularity prize,
  • 1st, energy consumption prize,
  • 1st, autotest,
  • 1st, Teams' challenge.

    The Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN (Zero Emission, No Noise) is the "greenest" segment of the Monte-Carlo New Energies Rally, the event is open only to electric vehicles. The fifth edition is holding from March 21 to 23, 2014 in Monaco and featured three special stages ranging from 46.51km to 88.08km in length. These stages were divided into a total of four regularity tests.

    The roads visited by the event included the breath-taking, twisty runs from La Turbie to Peille and from Sainte Agn├Ęs to La Turbie, high above the Mediterranean coast. Participants had to contend with a combination of torrential rain and fog on the busiest day (Saturday, March 22) which featured two special stages divided into three regularity tests. Action concluded with an autotest on the harbour-side in Monaco. 

    Almost two years after ZOE established a new 24-hour electric vehicle distance world record (1,618km) in June 2012, last weekend saw the all-electric hatchback's first attempt at the Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN provide further eloquent evidence of its technical and dynamic qualities by securing every one of the five trophies that were up for grabs.

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