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Sunday, May 18, 2014

ELMOFO Electric Radical First Race at Eastern Creek [VIDEO]

The Electric Radical SR8 built by Newcastle based ELMOFO had it's first race yesterday at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek).

With Garth Walden at the wheel for the first official CAMS sanctioned race meeting for an Electric Vehicle. The instant torque can make this car a bit of a handful on tight track sections, particularly with cooler tyres.

The ELMOFO Radical, the current electric lap record holder, was the only electric powered vehicle in a field of petrol powered cars in Race 1 of Round 1 of the NSW SuperSports State Championships.

The car performed as expected during practice, qualified 3rd (of 7) in it's class and was positioned 5th (of 9) on the grid for the start. The 2 front runners are super-light and faster Stohr racers which are in a different class to the Radicals.

The 500 hp and 600 Nm of instant torque enabled Garth to wheel spin his way to the front of the Radical field which he led for the whole race until the last 150m where a technical issue caused a sudden power drop and let 2 cars pass just before the finish line.

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