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Friday, May 9, 2014

MotorTorque BMW i3 review [VIDEO]

MotorTorque has tested the BMW i3, the premium brand's first foray into electric vehicles.

This model, the pricier range extender version, promises a range of 180 miles - eighty miles more than the pure electric version.

Adding to its green credentials is how this car has been built. It's an entirely new frame platform made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which helps keep weight down and also makes it strong, meaning you don't need the B-pillar.

There's lots of neat touches here like satnav which shows you charging points in a hundred mile radius, and there's the option to switch to petrol mode and conserve the electric range.

You'll only find two seats in the back and the boot is okay at 300 litres but doesn't offer the same practicality as a conventional family hatchback.

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