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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BMW i3 Parks Itself without any Driver Input [VIDEO]

The BMW i3 has an interesting function available as a $1,000 optional extra: Parking Assistant.

This system allows your car to park itself without your input. It uses a sonar installed in the right side of the car that detects large enough parking spaces when you want it to. After that, all you have to do is stop and keep the parking assist button pressed and the i3 will do everything for you.

That’s what a crew of journalists from Romania did when BMW invited them over in Austria to try out the new electric car from Munich. However, there’s a twist: this time, no driver was inside the car while the operation was done.

The man hopping out of the moving i3 is Vali Porcisteanu, a Romanian rally driver. He somehow meddled with the control button and made it stick while he left the ‘premises’.

The end result is both quite impressive and funny at the same time, seeing the car do all the work by itself, with no one inside.

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