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Friday, December 26, 2014

Mercedes Developing Electric Vehicle Platform

Mercedes-Benz is in the early stages of developing a new platform to underpin a range of electric vehicles.

The platform, tentatively called Ecoluxe, is part of an ambitious €2 billion project that Mercedes executives are allegedly about to approve. The guidelines call for a platform that is light in order to offset the bulk of the battery pack and modular so that it can underpin both long and short wheelbase vehicles. Mercedes is currently planning on building four body styles on the Ecoluxe platform, though additional variants could be added later in the production run.

German magazine Auto Bild reports that all cars built on the Ecoluxe platform will feature rear-wheel drive and an innovative four-wheel steering system. The first model, which has not been given a name yet, will pack the equivalent of 544 horsepower in standard S form or 603 hp in GT tune. A high-capacity battery pack located under the passenger compartment will give the car a maximum driving range of at least 450 km.

The first model underpinned by the Ecoluxe platform is scheduled to hit the market in either 2019 or 2020

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