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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mitsubishi to Launch Outlander Sport Plug-In Hybrid in 2016

Mitsubishi is planning to bring to the US a plug-in hybrid version of its smaller Outlander Sport model – a segment of the market where previous to this week no automaker offered any hybrid, but to which both Toyota and Nissan have now thrown their hat in the ring.

Mitsubishi says of its baby PHEV: 'The system is estimated to achieve very low CO2 emissions of below 40g/km while also delivering gutsy and smooth performance with its 163bhp electric motor.' It adds that it is developing plug-in electric hybrid systems best suited to each model in its line-up with a view to introducing them in the near future.

"We are committed to huge investments in capital as well as huge investments in R&D," Mitsubishi's Don Swearingen, executive vice president for sales and fixed operations at Mitsubishi Motors North America said.

"With the way our company was structured and the financial conditions that we were in, we had to get ourselves (back) on solid ground" before making this commitment,

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