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Friday, May 15, 2015

2016 BYD e6 to get 82 kWh battery and 400 km Range

The 2016 BYD e6 will have 400 km (250 miles) range thanks to an increase in battery capacity to 82 kWh, according to a document from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Compared with the current model, the 2016 e6 will be 40 kg heavier from 2380 kg to 2420 kg with range increased by 100 km from 300 km to 400 km.

The 82 kWh battery pack, up from 60 kWh in the current model, is 100kg heavier (700 kg) with a claimed cell energy density of approx 150 Wh per kilogram.

The e6 was originally launched five years ago in May 2010. The first batch of 60 e6s were delivered to a taxi company in Shenzhen. Deliveries to individual buyers started in 2011 with annual sales of 1,544 in 2013 and 3,560 in 2014.

The 2016 e6 will be launched in late 2015. Prices will remain unchanged from 300,000 Yuan (US$48,350) before rebates.

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