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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tesla Model 3 prototype driving around SpaceX backlot [VIDEO]

Video of a Tesla Model 3 prototype cruising up and down the street in Hawthorne California has been uploaded to Youtube by one of SpaceX's neighbours, Tesla body kit outfit unpluggedperformance.

Tesla reported in a stock filing that at year-end 2016, it had not yet put a Model 3 beta test car on the road. This 'leaked' video looks like a staged response to accusations earlier this month that Tesla still may not have a Model 3 beta test car on the road, despite the fact deliveries are slated to begin in mid-2017.

While Tesla has said the completion date for the Model 3 Beta Prototype is March 31st, it looks pretty obvious the car in this video is one of the alpha fleet unveiled at the Model 3 launch 12 months ago.

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