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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BMW claim X6 Worlds most powerful Hybrid

According to information leaked ahead of its official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, the BMW X6 SUV is equipped with a hybrid drivetrain which pairs up a V8 gasoline engine with two electric motors that tops a combined 480 hp.

Reported combined output is 350 kw (480 hp) and 778.71 Nm (575 ft-lb) with a quoted 0-62mph of 5.6. BMW claims that the X6 ActiveHybrid, which can run on pure electric power for only 1.6 miles or 2.5 km at speeds of up to 37 mph or 60 km/h, has a combined fuel economy rating of 28.5 mpg.

While the standard X6 SUV comes with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 300kW (407 hp) and 600Nm the X6 Hybrid adds a pair of electric motors to it's four wheel drive transmission with 91hp 260 Nm (192 ft-lb) front and 86 hp 278 Nm (206 ft-lb) rear. We are left to guess if the twin turbos are used on the Hybrid version.

The extra weight of the hybrid drivetrain and battery adds 180 kg (400 lb) in addition to the standard vehicle's 2267 kg (5,000 lb) curb weight. Pictures released show an interesting shot of a wheel which looks like it may have a wheel motor inside it, just a tease before more details are released at the Frankfurt Show.

The X6 Hybrids output doesn't top Nissans Infiniti Essence hybrid which, while only a show car, claims to have a total of 600 horsepower combined output from its Nissan GTR sourced V6 twin turbo and electric motor

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