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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taxi co asks council to shut down electric vehicles

In Tampa Florida a company that has been running free, advertising supported, taxi service around downtown Tampa, Hyde Park and Ybor City is out of business, at least temporarily.

Following complaints from lawyers representing local taxi operators, Hillsborough County's Public Transportation Commission voted to shut down operation of neighborhood electric vehicles. The NEV companies face citations if they don't park the slow-moving, open-air carts.

Commission member and Tampa Councilman Joe Caetano. "Safety was the big issue, we're waiting for an accident to happen." Despite the fact the NEVs are perfectly road legal! The commission basically wants to get the same permit revenue from the NEV operators as they do from other vehciles for hire such as taxis, tow trucks and limousines.

Operators of the electric vehicles argued they don't fall under the commission's purview because they don't charge for rides. Drivers accept tips and the companies make money by putting advertising on the carts.

The company, Green-Go's Tampa Inc, will go to court to overturn the commission's decision, which would require operators of the electric cars to get permits and drivers to get special licenses.

The 4 and 6 seater NEV manufactured by Global Electric Motorcars, a company owned by Chrysler, have become increasingly popular as shuttle vehicles. At the G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy 33 GEM e4 were used as the official shuttles for the Summit’s attending heads of state. Hey, if it's good enough for world leaders!

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more proof of corrupt gov't here in the
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