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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Single wheeled EV Superbike concept

Earlier this week we published details of a one wheeled self balancing Segway concept named Orbis. Taking the mono wheel concept one step further is the Audi A M (mono wheel) designed by Shaun Stevens.

The dimensions of the concept looks to be based around the rear wheel of a conventional super bike. The Mono cycle is electrically powered with the idea being that by removing a wheel the vehicles rolling resistance is cut in half compared to a two wheeled bike.

Utilizing a rim mounted outer rotor wheel motor, as odd as the bike looks at first glance, the gyro stabalizing systems used in Segway type EV scooters could actually make this work. While we have seen DIY Unicycles built for $1500, adding a powerful wheel motor will obviously dramatically increase the speed of the almost inevitable accident.

No attempt has been made to provide specs and we are left to imagine the size and location of the battery pack, but we're sure this is technically feasible.

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