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Monday, August 17, 2009

Korean researchers develop Electric Cars without batteries

Researchers at the Korea advanced institute of science and technology (KAIST) have developed a revolutionary electric vehicle that takes its power from cables beneath the road rather than relying on batteries.

The OLEV (online electric vehicle) project is to develop an entirely new concept: the electric vehicle picks up power from underground power supplier lines through the non-contact magnetic charging method, while either running or standing.

The system seems is a cross between inductive charging technology while the vehicle is parked that various companies including Nissan are looking to introduce and the Linear Motor EV Superhighway concept. Researchers have proved that up to 80 percent transmission efficiency is possible through a gap of 1 centimeter from the power line to the receiver on the vehicle and in July they successfully supplied power to a bus - up to 60 percent across a 12 cm gap from the power line embedded in the ground. Using power supply and pick-up devices they developed. In this process, KAIST has secured the core technologies for maximizing power efficiency and minimizing the cost of installing the non-contact power supply system.

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