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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TTXGP U.S. Infineon Entire Race on Video

Zero Motorcycles have put together a video to publicize their win at the TTXGP race recently held at Infineon Raceway.

The 46-minute video (above) covers the entire June 16 race along with race winner Shawn Higbee’s post-race burnout and the obligatory trophy presentation on the podium.

The dogfight at the head of the field is AC versus DC. The Zero Motorcycles bike is actually the Isle of Man TTXGP race winner with a paint job. It runs 2x Agni brushed DC motors that put out a total of approx 80 hp. The Yellow Lightning Motorcycles bike blowing it off down the straights runs a AC motor out of EV1 which is good for 137 bhp (102 kW) powered by a souped up industrial inverter where the fuel tank would normally be.

The Zero motorcycle outperforms the lightning bike in the turns throughout the race but it's not clear how much difference the skill levels of the riders contributes to the difference in performance. I find it hard to believe a bike with 70% more power from the EV1 motor and that much straight line performance and could possibly handle that bad in the corners.

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