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Thursday, June 10, 2010

MotoCzysz Wins TT Zero - Sets 99.5 MPH Lap Record

The MotoCzysz team from Portland, Oregon was dangerously close to being the first team to set a 100 mph lap on an electric motorcycle around the Isle of Man mountain course. MotoCzysz missed the 100 mph mark by less than 0.5 mph, and won't be able to claim the 10,000 pound prize, but they do get to be called the champions of the TT Zero race.

MotoCzysz's E1PC electric motorcycle, ridden by Mark Miller, pulled a final lap of 23 minutes and 22.89 seconds to take the win from defending champions Team Agni.

The E1PC clocked a 99.513 mph lap around the mountain track, and were the most consistent team racing around the mountain. Miller got the E1PC machine up to 135 mph at one point.

The local ManTTx team achieved a top speed of 107.2 mph speed, and Team Agni's Z1 reached 104 mph.

For now, the history mark of 100 mph remains in tact, but it won't stay in tact for long.

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