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Friday, July 16, 2010

Nissan Leaf Test Drive (w/Video)

Phil LeBeau from CNBC takes the Nissan Leaf for a test drive in California and came away impressed.

As usual, typical media types obsess about range and make comments like "the lack of vibration in a zero emission car is one of those things you have to adjust to" like it's a negative point of the car.

The video does give viewers a quick preview of some of the dash board function e.g. estimated vehicle range illustrated graphically on the GPS map and icons showing all local charging stations.

The Nissan Leaf goes on sale in December.

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1 comment: said...

You can see the repressed agitation in Phil LeBeau's face as that stupid bubble head chick news anchor asks if you can feel the engine turn on... LOL, poor Phil, having to put with those news-anchor-douches.

Cool car, I like the Nissan Leaf
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