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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toyota Prius Sales Reach 200,000 in Europe

The Toyota Prius has reached 200,000 units in sales in Europe after 10 years on the market there. Toyota expects global sales of the Prius to exceed two million by the autumn of 2010.

The Prius was launched in 2000 to the European market. Sales there reached 100,000 in 2008 and doubled to 200,000 in two more years.

The UK has remained one of the leading European markets for Prius, accounting for more than one in five Prius sold in Europe. This year’s sales to date are 6,579 units, almost equaling the 2009 figure in six months.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. (TMUK) recently held a line-off ceremony today to mark the start of production of the Auris Hybrid. TMUK will produce 30,000 Auris Hybrids annually, with sales of the vehicle beginning on 1 July. Plans call for the vehicle to be sold in 32 European countries.

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