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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toyota unveil Yaris Hybrid Concept @ Geneva Auto Show

The Yaris HSD concept was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and represents the first down-sizing of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology.

The concept car inherits all the clever DNA of the Yaris as well as the smooth, sophisticated driving experience of Toyota’s full hybrid powertrain. Its new, more advanced and sophisticated style points to the forward-looking design direction for the next Yaris model range.

It offers customers an ingenious combination of small, compact packaging and a spacious, practical interior. Flanked by highly contoured headlamps, the upper grille opening is shallow, helping the air flow smoothly over the upper half of the body.

The Toyota logo is fully integrated within the front lip of the bonnet, adding stylish articulation to its leading edge.

In profile, the Yaris HSD concept’s sleek, monoform shape is emphasised by the long, sweeping roofline and a single, crisp character line which runs smoothly through the length of the vehicle.

Short front and rear overhangs and a long wheelbase maximise passenger accommodation and load space. Several hybrid-specific styling cues indentify the Yaris HSD concept as a Toyota full hybrid model derivative.

Air turbulence has been minimised by flat, vertical ‘aero’ corners housing front foglamps and matching rear reflectors, a large integral rear spoiler, comprehensive underbody covers and 18″ aero wheels featuring enlarged air gaps for improved cooling air flow.

Even the door handles and rear side-view cameras have been carefully designed to the most aero-efficient shape.

The show car’s striking, white pearl paintwork is unique to the Yaris HSD concept. It showcases a further development of this remarkable finish, with highlighting provided by sparkling blue metallic accents.

Requiring specialised, multi-layering application techniques, this hybrid-specific application brings an extraordinary depth and quality feel to the finished paintwork.

The presence of Hybrid Synergy Drive® is further emphasised through hybrid Blue Toyota badges, LED daytime running lights and ‘synergy’ blue illuminated highlight surrounds to both the outer mirrors and door handles.

Toyota’s proven Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology targets demanding urban customers who expect a new driving and ownership experience from their car.

Combining low fuel consumption, emissions and cost of ownership with uniquely relaxed and quiet driving, HSD proves that driving pleasure need not be compromised by environmental responsibility and low running costs.

Introducing full hybrid technology into a car of this size has presented Toyota with several unique engineering challenges.

The new powertrain design must be optimised for installation within the vehicle’s compact, extremely efficient packaging design without detriment to either system quality and performance, or passenger or cargo space.

This comprehensive repackaging of HSD technology is essential for meeting the growing market demand for urban-based family vehicles, without compromising either interior space or hybrid performance.

The production model, following on from the Yaris HSD concept, will be launched throughout Europe in the second half of 2012.

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