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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chevrolet Debut Miray AWD Hybrid concept @ Seoul Motor Show

GM Korea has unveiled the Chevrolet Miray (pronounced Mi-ray) concept at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show - a mid-electric hybrid-powered sports model.

The Miray (which means 'future' in Korean) was created to celebrate Chevrolet's centennial anniversary which takes place this year.

The concept's powertrain consists of two front-mounted electric motors, each producing 15 kW (20 bhp / 20 PS) of power for the front axle, coupled with a 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol unit mounted mid-rear which drives the back wheels. Current for the electric motors comes from a 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is recharged through regenerative braking.

The Miray is capable of running on electric power alone and the petrol engine kicks in with its quick-shifting dual-clutch gearbox when extra power is needed. Chevrolet did not provide any performance or range figures for the concept.

As for the aesthetics, the design takes some cues from Chevy's heritage and was inspired by such models as the 1963 Monza SS and the 1962 Corvair Super Spyder. There's a split grille for the front fascia and sharp lines over the smooth and slightly rounded surfaces of the car's design. The body also makes use of carbon panels such as for the spoilers. The Miray is also fitted with 20 inch wheels at the front and 21-inchers at the rear.

The 'future' design is also present in the interior with its center console-mounted start button, ambient lighting and dual-cockpit design for both the driver and passenger area.

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