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Sunday, April 3, 2011

DBM Audi A2 independently tested by DEKRA confirms 714 km range

KOLIBRI batteries run by DBM Energy, the company behind the Audi A2 electric car that drove 600 km from Munich in southern Germany to Berlin on a single charge, have released details of extensive safety and independent range checks performed on their lithium-polymer based battery technology.

Tests were conducted by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research to confirm the battery cells meet all UN test series safety requirements.

Independent range tests were conducted at the DEKRA test center. The A2 being tested had a 62.928 kWh battery pack. The UN ECE R101 Emission of carbon dioxide and fuel consumption test confirmed a distance of 454.82 kilometers. Applied to the battery capacity used during the Munich to Berlin world record of 98.8 kWh from a 115 kWh pack, this represents a range of 714 km (446 miles) on a single charge.

While that is very impressive, if the same 115 kWh battery pack was combined with the recently announced SIM-LEI direct drive wheel motor powered EV which consumes only 77 wh/km (compared to 138 wh/km for the DBM A2) the potential range would be 1283 km or just over 800 miles on a single charge. Now that would be a game changer!

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