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Monday, July 2, 2012

Infiniti EMERG-E Hybrid Debuts @ Goodwood [VIDEO]

Red Bull Racing Formula One driver Mark Webber drove the Infiniti EMERG-E range-extender hybrid sports car for the first time on the famed hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The EMERG-E Concept was launched at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year and this weekend’s Festival of Speed marked the global debut of the working prototype.

Twin electric motors generate 402bhp (300kW) and Webber wowed the Goodwood crowds with a vehicle capable of 0-60mph sprints in just four seconds and a top speed of 130mph. Under full electric power, Infiniti EMERG-E operates as a zero emission vehicle for a 30-mile range and when the Lotus-engineered 1.2l three cylinder range-extender petrol engine kicks in to recharge the batteries, it produces a CO2 output of only 55g/km (NEDC cycle) over a 300 mile range.

Commenting after his drive, Mark Webber said: "I’m used to Formula One cars that make a lot of noise, so to drive a silent car was very new to me! Infiniti have made something really nice here. The EMERG-E looks beautiful and is very quick –faster than you expect with it being so quiet. It was great fun being able to drive it up the hill. Cars like this have to be the future – fast, fun and clean.”

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